MIPRO Startup Seminar [Experience Sharing: Startup Visa—Is it a true advantage?]

At this version of our seminar, we had Yasmine Djoudi and Mumu Makinose from Fukuoka, one of the most advanced startup city in Japan. Yasmine shared her experience as the first person to receive a startup visa in Fukuoka and as a founding director of a company “ikkai.” In addition to the topic about visa, she covered points to note when hiring staff, importance of networking, how to raise fund and so forth.

In the second session, Mumu showed us how he and his colleague of Fukuoka Global Startup Center support entrepreneurs like Yasmine. Their support does not remain explanation of the procedures but goes to the range of market research and negotiation with competent governments. They also support the startups’ development into global market.

The talk based on the real experience by an entrepreneur and a supporter gave the audience a good insight into their future business. They met the lecturers and at the same time, they met each other to broaden their network.


日程 2019年2月21日  14:00~16:00
会場 池袋サンシャインシティ ワールド・インポート・マート・ビル6階 ミプロ内会議室
主催 (一財)対日貿易投資交流促進協会(ミプロ)
協力 (一財)貿易・産業協力振興財団(ITIC)

"Creating a Startup in Japan as a Foreigner"
講師:ikkai株式会社 代表取締役・共同設立者 ジュディ・ヤスミン氏


"Startup City Fukuoka"
講師:福岡グローバル・スタートアップ・センター コンシェルジュ Mumu 牧之瀬氏


講師 ジュディ・ヤスミン氏

講師 Mumu 牧之瀬氏