MIPRO Startup Seminar "Key Points in Starting a Business in Japan: Tax practice/Resident Status"

We had a startup seminar on key points in tax practice and resident statuses in relation to starting businesses in Japan. Seventeen participants include entrepreneurs, people from foreign embassies and government. They learned the difference of tax depending on the statuses of residence, in addition to the basic knowledge such as types of tax, schedule of tax payment, benefit of blue return filing and so forth.

The second half of the seminar was about resident statuses for startups. Our adviser explained the procedures of application and other important points to note including how to utilize the new Startup Visa before acquiring the status of “Business Manager” visa.

Both lecturers showed case examples and received positive response from the audience. And it looked it was a good chance to broaden their network.


日程 2019年9月26日  14:00~16:00
会場 池袋サンシャインシティ ワールド・インポート・マート・ビル6階 ミプロ内会議室
主催 (一財)対日貿易投資交流促進協会(ミプロ)
協力 (一財)貿易・産業協力振興財団(ITIC)

講師:坂下国際税理士法人 代表社員 税理士 坂下 弘子氏
「Key Points of Tax for Foreigners Starting a Business in Japan」


講師:ミプロ対日投資アドバイザー・行政書士 高橋 秀次
「Startup and Resident Status」


講師 坂下 弘子氏

講師 高橋 秀次