MIPROManufactured Imports and Investment Promotion Organization


Information on Imports

Support for small-lot import businesses

An increasing number of wholesalers, retailers, and entrepreneurs are actively engaging in direct business transactions involving small-lot imports with overseas countries, activity which reflects the diversification and internationalization of consumer needs, the simplification of trade regulations, and the acceleration of procedures for international distribution.
MIPRO provides comprehensive support to small-lot importers regarding the required legal procedures, and information on regulations regarding the sale of import products, etc.

Assistance for buying at overseas trade shows & business missions

MIPRO dispatches trade missions to international trade shows held in Asia, the U.S.A., and other countries targeting wholesalers, retailers, and entrepreneurs looking to purchase foreign products and engage in business negotiations, with the help of foreign embassies in Japan and trade promotion organizations. MIPRO's trade and investment advisors accompany such missions to provide support for business negotiations and the ordering of products by the participants.

Small-lot import seminars, dispatch of lecturers, etc.

MIPRO's trade and investment advisors explain the overall flow of imports and important points, and introduce the actual procedures for importing products through presentations given by experts working at customs and inspection agencies, and those with experience in the actual businesses involved to provide support for small-lot import business. MIPRO also dispatches lecturers to small-lot import seminar events at exhibition venues.

Creation of reference materials

MIPRO publishes manuals and handbooks that explain procedures regarding small-lot imports and import product sales to disseminate information and enhance support for small-lot importers.

Consulting services for small-lot imports (Free of charge)

MIPRO provides consultation on procedures for small-lot imports and related matters via telephone, e-mail, and face-to-face counseling. We also hold training seminars and provide consultation in major cities in cooperation with Chambers of Commerce and Industry.