MIPROManufactured Imports and Investment Promotion Organization


Investment in Japan

Support for investment in Japan

Support for local governments in attracting foreign-affiliated companies

MIPRO holds seminars and workshops on issues related to investment in Japan.

Past themes
  • Current status and issues of investment in Japan from the perspective of regional economic vitalization
  • Activities and measures to attract foreign and foreign-affiliated companies in Japan involved in the machine manufacturing industry
  • Enhancement of the international competitiveness of Japanese mid- and small-size companies through alliances with foreign-affiliated companies
  • Influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake on foreign companies investing in Japan
  • Business Activities of Asian companies in Japan
  • Information transmission and PR strategy for attracting foreign-affiliated companies

Support for foreigners setting up businesses in Japan

Consulting services (Free of charge)

At the MIPRO Investment Consulting Corner, an investment advisor (administrative scriveners) provides consultation services for the establishment of corporations, starting business, resident status, etc.

Publication of reference materials

MIPRO publishes the Business Start-up Guidebooks for Foreign Residents in Japan (Japanese/ English) which provide detailed information on business start-up procedures, the acquisition of resident status, taxation, public insurance, and employment management systems. MIPRO distributes the guidebooks to organizations which provide support for individuals and companies from abroad setting up businesses in Japan.
The publications can be downloaded from MIPRO's website.


Utilizing the above-mentioned guidebooks, MIPRO hosts Business Start-up Seminars for Foreigners by specialists that have extensive experience with individual entrepreneurs and companies from abroad. Seminars address themes such as the establishment of corporations and taxation.