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Protection of intellectual property rights

The importance of responding to business risk related to intellectual property rights has been increasing in the import sector. The necessity of raising awareness about intellectual property rights will continue because it is essential to understand what intellectual property rights are, to differentiate products by utilizing rights, and to increase product competitiveness for future business in Japan.
In order to identify potential violations of intellectual property rights, it is necessary to understand the laws, judicial precedents, and procedures of individual cases. Although it is necessary to consult with lawyers or patent attorneys who specialize in intellectual property rights for accurate judgment, it is also possible to acquire basic information on intellectual property rights and move forward with smooth and safe import operations.
In order to reduce the risk of unintentional intellectual property right violations, MIPRO widely disseminates basic information on the protection of intellectual property rights for those involved in the import business.

MIPRO works to reduce the risk of intellectual property right violations by hosting seminars on intellectual property right protection in import business transactions by professionals and the publishing reference materials.

MIPRO publishes the Directory of Foreign Brand Right Holders in cooperation with related industries and organizations to help authorities control the import of trademark infringing products. We distribute the directory to customs and police agencies throughout Japan for use as a reference to identify and stem the flow of counterfeit products.